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Web Development Services  

Invoices are sent every 2 weeks

If 50 hours of design service have been provided before the end of the 2 weeks, an invoice will be sent early and payments will be required in order for design services to proceed. 


Hourly Rate


Discount Ends 30 Dec

* in order to qualify for these services you must first have filled out and sent the (Website Shell Documents)

Display Video content on your site

Video content is the king of retaining attention

Go Live & involve your audience by interacting with them

Compile a list of videos that all fit under the same category & let your viewers binge

Display Imagery content on your site

Collect your images into a file and email them. Specify on the title of the file where you want each image.


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Set up your Services

A class is a group session that can recur. Clients book any session they want to join

A Course is a set of group sessions. Clients book them all upfront

An appointment is a 1-on-1 session that can be booked according to availability

*Additional required information for Services

set how far in advance clients can book and limit early bookings. 

set staff hours and show clients who your staff are 

Set up a Forum

Create a place for your community to thrive and discuss any kind of topic 

Set up a structure that makes it easy for the community to focus their topics

Set up a Blog

Get your stories out into the world and see the reactions of your audience 

Connect your services, pages, and videochannels to a membership plan

Have clients pay for an all inclusive service with its own benefits

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