Logo Design Service Agreement



Name: Brighton Kotter

Company: ivyOptic

Adress: Allegheny County PA

Email: ivyOptic@yahoo.com

Logo design concepts 2

Initial concept turnaround time 7 business days

Design revisions 1

Responses Within 1-2 work days


Upon Cancellation request by Client 

The Final Payment will be canceled and the designs thereby will also be canceled, Any designs thus far created by the Designer will remain as sole intellectual property of ivyOptic


Given the Designer becomes incapacitated & request a cancelation. The Final Payment will be canceled & should the client provide their PayPal.me via Email the deposit will also be returned. Any designs thus far created will remain as sole intellectual property of ivyOptic


Client Responsibilities 

1. Provide 40$ Deposit - via Paypal.me.

2. Color palet - via ivyoptic.com.

3. Provide a Brief explanation of the Logo Concept - via email.

4. Provide a visual rough draft of the Logo - via email.


Upon client fulfilling responsibilities 1, 2, 3, & 4 the

Project, Conceptual turn around time, will begin. 


An email will be sent to the client with Logos 1 & 2 watermarked, The Client is under contract to either respond with a detailed revision request or to send the Final Payment. 


Should the Client Request a Revision the designer will send a follow-up email with the Logo Revision the client is then under contract to send the Final Payment whereby the contract will be complete & the Designs will be sent via email without watermarks. 



Upon completion of the contract the Designer will reserve Rights to Use the Logo for Promotional Use & the Client will Reserve all other intellectual rights.

Logo Design


by Vibrance