Lines dont materialistically exist 

lines are "from-to" constructs, they are used as a means of measurement within fields.
a straight one- dimensional figure that has no thickness and extends endlessly in both directions.

Are straight lines always definable as the shortest distance between any two points?

curves dont exist 
They are composed of straight lines 

All Materialistic things have a zero'th dimensional center point
all information contained in that point 

I see a singularity that is tesselated in many different uniform fashions through reflections in various dimensions.
This singularity is and exists within an unlimited 0th-dimensional space. 
As there is only one singularity there is no distance between itself and its reflections. 
All reflections of the singularity hold all the same identities/information as the singularity.
Everything this singularity is and everything that exists within it also exists outside of it as the singularity. 

all distances between the other reflected singularities are "made up" by the current identity of those singularities and their neighbors. 

space is defined as a continuous area/expanse between (two or more items) at a distance from one another..
if all things are 0th dimensional, then there is nothing occupying any of space. in which case, does distance exist?  


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