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Hilbert Curves

Hilbert curves are 1 dimensional (a line).

However, they can be measured as a fractal dimension of 2, because they fill the space of the 2nd dimension (square)

Hilbert curves can only ever be created in space-filling tessellations (in any dimension).

A Hilbert curve can represent linear time (1D time)

Think of every square in the grid, that the curve passes through, as a still frame of time.

Omniscience is
a space-filling fractal

Screenshot (1692)3.png


Hilbert Radiation

All forms of radiation follow the

Inverse Square Law: Energy twice as far from the source will spread over four times the area

Hilbert curves have a direct correlation to radiation.

Each progression of the curve takes up four times the surface area and the origin travels twice as far away between each layer.

Hilbert Curve Towers

Towers are a series of curves stretched across a pyramid.

 Each frame of the movie is a Frustum (truncated pyramid) 

These "frustum frames" can be seen as a pathway to map waveforms or particles over time.

We can look at a bipyramid as a representation of standing waves.

Screenshot (1693).png

Check out this article on toroids to learn more about bipyramids and their relation to standing waves.

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