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Rhombitrihexagonal Polygasms

polygasm lattice labled_edited.jpg

Rhombitrihexagonal Tiling is composed of 

Hexagons, Equilateral Triangle, Squares & Dodecagons. 

Quite a Polygasm for such tight-packed tesselation!

2D into 3D


A Warped (3D Cantic-Cubille) in isometric projection

composes (2D Rhombitrihexagonal tiling).

Triangles -> Cuboctahedrons

Squares -> Rectangular Prisms

 Hexagons -> Warped Rhombicuboctahedron

But thats not all

The Rhombitrihexagonal Tiling pattern can also be created in isometric projection with a tiling composed of

hexagonal-parallelahedrons & Truncated-Octahedrons. 

Its quite remarkable that 2D tiling

can result in numerous 3D tilings.

The Warped Rhombicuboctahedron found in (Rhombitrihexagonal tiling) is a layer of the tetra-octahedral grid of cubic honeycomb morphologies

Screenshot (1671).png



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