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Sound Waves Are Toroidal

The geometry of sound is like a faucet dripping into a sink full of water. The center, where the water droplets land, continuously makes circumpunctual ripples on the water's surface. Imagine this ripple concept, but instead of circles on the surface of the water, it's spheres in space that expand continuously from their origin. The strum of the guitar makes spheres proliferate from within each other and propel atoms till they strike our eardrums at the speed of sound.

The wave's peak is where particles are the most dense, and the trough/center-of-torus is the least dense.

Electromagnetic Fields Are Toroidal

ElectroMagnetric radiation is a field of concentric proliferating spheres that carry photons/light outward from origin. The oscillation of the spectrum is the frequency at which these

photon-carrying spheres expand. Oscillation is a measurement of concentration (of photons occupying the surface of the spheres and the lack of photons between spheres).

The electromagnetic spectrum ranges are radio, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma-rays. 

The same properties apply to confined electromagnetic fields such as electricity passing through an active wire to light a bulb, or signals passing through the meylin sheaths of our dendite cells giving us the gift of thought.

Electrons are a type of photon, they can move at the speed of light, being propelled by concentric spheres defined as the EM field. Photons are not particals or wave, they are toroid chains.

Earths Magnetosphere Is Toroidal

Music by As Above (Song - California Sage)

The Magnetosphere is the Earth's toroidal Magnetic field.

This field is an oblong toroid due to the impact of Plasma (protons and electrons) flying off the sun. 

The aurora borealis is one of the most fascinating effects of Plasma. These colors that take form in the sky are photon/lepton interactions with the electrons. These interactions turn into toroidal energy masses that move along the earth's magnetic toroid helically. 

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