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This service is provided on a first come first served basis

A project start date will be provided to the Client within 1-2 business days

after sending the initial deposit. 

Service Agreement

A design will be sent to the Client within 1-7 days (estimate)

along with a statement of the hours provided designing thus far

After the design is sent, the Client has 4 options


A) Request a redesign or edit and specify in detail, where the changes need to be made.

B) Request a redesign or edit, leaving the decisions up to the Designer.


Whereby the Designer will send a timeframe on the project and proceed with the request.


C) State that they are happy with the design and want to finalize the agreement.

D) Request a cancelation. (Read the cancelation policy for more info)


Whereby the Designer will send an invoice. The design will be sent without watermarks when the final invoice for the design services is paid in full.


At any point, the client may request advice from the Designer (Advice is given freely)


* If the design service exceeds 20 hours an invoice will be sent & will be required to be paid in full, for design services to proceed.

Cancelation Policy

Design service hours are not refundable


If the Client requests cancelation

The deposit will not be refundable


If the Designer requests cancelation

If the client provides their The deposit will be returned.


Upon cancelation

the invoice for service hours is required to be paid within 2 weeks of it being sent.

All elements and designs sent to ivyOptic, will remain sole intellectual property of the client.

All elements and designs created by ivyOptic will remain sole intellectual property of ivyOptic until the invoice for design service is paid in full. Whereby the ownership of the designs will be transferred to the client & the designs thus far created by ivyOptic will be sent to the client unwatermarked.


* The designer also retains the right to cancel the design process


Name: Brighton Kotter

Company: ivyOptic

Adress: Allegheny County PA


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