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Valence electrons link into honeycombs

 In crystals, the gaps between the atoms tend to form space-filling tesselation of archimedean or platonic solids. The video in this example is a Face-Centered Cubic Lattice structure such as Rock Salt (Halite). 

The electron orbital clouds are bipyramidal structures that nest perfectly between polyhedra within a space-filling tesselation.

subatomic structures are honeycombs

Subatomic structures such as neutrinos stack themselves in the Face-Centered Cubic Lattice structure. These particles, thought to be spherical in nature, are tesselated in this fashion to leave the fewest gaps possible between spheres. Space-efficient spherical tiling shares all axies with any cubic or tetrahedral honeycomb.


It's my vision that the universe is a space-filling grid of subatomic structures. Structures that allow information to travel, not by moving, but rather by changing form to communicate with neighboring particles or waveforms.

ad infinitum (Conways Game of Life)

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